Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New life is coming

Sometimes my head goes in directions I never knew were possible…out of character, if you like. Tomorrow I will be an uncle, third time over. It never seems to lose its impact on my mind, each time I seem to appreciate more and more the little person that is joining our family. Seeing my two nephews grow up around us gives me an appreciation for just how much joy they bring to your life. And that...that there…is what always catches me off guard.

It's not that I ever change my stance on 'no children', but it warms me to the idea of having them around me. It's not something I ever thought possible, but until they are you own blood, you just can't imagine the effect they will have on you.

And so tomorrow another one of us will enter the world, to two incredibly loving parents, one of them my big brother. It seems like no time that we were riding around the back yard on our bikes or swimming in the pool. It feels like days ago that he taught me to drive. Cruising around with his friends in their hotted up cars I never even imagines being here in this position now. It really seems like just the other day that we had no responsibility, no cares, just laughs and good times.

So to the next chapter for my brother and his new family. And of course I'm along for the ride.

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